Work Continues on Grain Container-Stuffing Facility at Ridley Island

Preparatory work is well underway on a new  a new grain container stuffing facility on Ridley Island.

Montreal-based Ray-Mont Logistics is building a facility along the port's recently-constructed Road, Rail and Utility Corridor. 

The operation will be capable of handling unit trains and pulse crops for container stuffing and forwarding to their destination.

Company Chief Financial Officer Jonathan Hébert says site-blasting is nearly complete, and crews will be pouring concrete this weekend, adding "we're still on target for an August 15th-September 1st window; our operation is mostly pulses and special crop coming from Western Canada and it's critical for us to have all the assets in place for the next crop season which should start mid-August to mid-September, depending on the harvest."

Roughly two-to-three thousand people are working on construction of the project.

Once it's operating, the facilty will begin with 25 employees, gradually building to a work force of about 40. 

It will be the only unit-train stuffing facility on Canada’s West Coast.