North Pacific Cannery Bringing Back Popular Concert

After a decade of no music beating to the tides, the North Pacific Cannery is bringing back a popular concert.

The dock was deemed unsafe a number of years ago, which halted the popular Rolling on The River concert.

But now, it's back with a new name -- Intertidal Music Festival.

Conservation Manager Steve Milum says they're coming back with non-stop fun.

"We got 18 bands already signed up and possibly a couple more. It's a full day of events, three stages. One of them is going to be right out here on the dock that we're just finishing up. It's going to be a really fun time for everyone."

The cannery says this will be a very important tourism aspect as well. They say this will help them tell the stories of what exactly happened here in the past.

"We're much better able to tell the story of the cannery and the people who lived and worked out here. It's awesome; this dock was the front of the cannery. Everything came up the water. For example, this huge 40,000 square foot dock was basically the parking lot where everyone came and went with materials and supplies."

Milum says getting the new dock has been years in the making.

"It's been five or six years working on this dock alone combined with the other projects on site. Over $5-million has been invested in the site and through job creation partnerships with the province, and funding through Parks Canada and some local corporate funders as well."

He says while the dock is one of the main events right now, they're also working on other projects; such how they tell the stories of the past. 

"Re-looking at our key messages and how to deliver those affectively. What are the gaps on site and how we can better tell the stories of First Nations, Chinese, and Japanese, everyone that put their time in out here. We got a lot of history to share and we just need to bundle up in ways that's meaningful for everyone."

The concert will be happening on July 15th, and Milum is expecting that at least a thousand -- or even more will be dancing along.