Olympian Snowboarder Visits Terrace

A Canadian Olympic snowboarder paid a visit to the Northwest this past weekend.

Mercedes Nicoll came to Terrace as part of the RBC athlete ambassadors program. She works to raise awareness about the importance of sport in daily life, by inspiring the kids to be physically active, make healthy decisions and participate in sports. 

The 3-time Olympian for snowboarding and halfpipe stopped by Shames Mountain Saturday, to speak and ride with local kids. Nicoll said that she was excited to be there;

"There's so many amazing kids here. They just literally took me on a run that was .. they were like everywhere! Great skiiers and snowboarders."

She also spoke of her recent setback;

"Unfortunately at the 2014 games, just a couple years ago, I suffered a concussion. That took me out for about 2 years. And just coming back into snowboarding, I wasn't sure if i'd be able to compete again. And luckily things worked out, and I'm back on the circuit. And hopefully gonna try and qualify for the next games, in Korea next year."

She works now to share her message:

"The importance of having dreams, and having goals. Trying to inspire the kids here, to let them know that sport is awesome, and anything is possible"

Nicoll added that it was a great day;

"Oh my gosh it's so beautiful here! It's like a hidden gem.. I'm so glad I came. And it's snowing, and it snowed 10 centimeters. I'm just so happy to be here."

Nicoll spoke later that evening at the Midget Provincial Hockey Championships opening banquet.