Port of Prince Rupert Hightlights 2016 And Future With Public

The Port of Prince Rupert says the future is looking bright following their annual public meeting.

According to their report released to the public, there was a slight decrease in total cargo volume from the previous year.

Coal was also down for a third straight year.

Wood pellet exports made a jump again last year and according to the port authority, they saw eight per cent growth in loaded-containers that were exported.

The Port of Prince Rupert is also celebrating milestones. As they say Fairview Container Terminal is turning 10-years-old. They're also marking the completion of some expansions.

The Port's President and CEO, Don Krustel says they also have projects to look forward to a little bit later down the road.

"AltaGas propane export facility out at Ridley Island Terminals and the development of Ray-Mont's container stuffing facility of grain products on Ridley Island as well which will also help facilitate more exports of containers."

Krustel says they're also looking to improve on public engagement, in hopes that the public is aware and on board with how the port is developing.

"The past success and future success of the port could have not happened and will not happen without the consultation from our community."

The Chair for the Board of Directors says it's also very important that the local First Nations are partners with the port as time moves on.

"In this area, it's so important. I mean, the majority of the population in this area is First Nations. For First Nations people to not be engaged in a meaningful way and benefiting from the economy that is being grown here, it's terrifically important for that to happen here."

Smith says respect, communication, and listening will be the keys to ensure projects and developments are done in meaningful way.

The port also mentioned that they had $49-million in net revenue.