Prince Rupert Council Looking Into Upgrading RCMP Cell Blocks

Prince Rupert City Council has approved funding to look at upgrading the R-C-M-P cells in the detachment. 

The RCMP requested city staff and council to look at upgrades as many aspects of the facility are out of date.

Council will now spend just under 100-thousand dollars to study the upgrades required for the cell block.

Acting Mayor Blair Mirau says previous councils have looked at this in the past.

"This is something councils in the past have looked at. There have been a number of consultant reports done in the past on how the entire facility can be upgraded. In this particular case, we're just talking about the cell blocks. So the conversation tonight, was about how can we maximize the amount of information we had in the past to inform us on what we're about to do in the coming months here."

The detachment will need to be replaced eventually -- and if the city shows no signs moving forward with upgrades, the RCMP can build a facility themselves and send Prince Rupert the bill.

Cities with a population of over 5,000 are required to provide Mounties a detachment that meets the national requirements for safety standards.

There's no timeline of when discussions will begin to replace the RCMP detachment.