Prince Rupert Sending Letter To Province and Greyhound Regardin Service

Prince Rupert is sending a letter to both the province and Greyhound to express the need for passenger service to continue along the Highway of Tears.

Greyhound recently filed an application with the BC Passenger Transportation Board to scrap its service throughout Northern BC.

Mayor Brain says it would be a major disappointment to see the service go.

"I've talked to Transportation Minister Trevena directly. She's on top of the file and the city will be reaching out to Greyhound as well. We're going to ensure there's a successful resolution for B.C. residents up in the north. The Highway of Tears is a treacherous route and we want to ensure safe travels. However, those responsibilities fall under the provincial government for regional transportation."

If Greyhound's application is successful, changes are expected to come in place sometime in 2018.

The transportation service says it plans to keep its freight service running evening if the buses stop rolling through the north.