RCMP Handling Prince Rupert Dugout Fire Investigation

The City of Prince Rupert is simply asking people to respect public and private property.

This comes after a dugout at the Patty Hutcheon Field was set on fire early Thursday morning.

The field is located between the Recreation Complex and Prince Rupert Middle School.

Communications Manager Veronika Stewart says vandalism on public property impacts everybody.

"The city is always disappointed to hear that public infrastructure has been damaged by the community. Infrastructure like our field. The recreation infrastructure around town is for the benefit of the community members. if any of that is destroyed, then that means community members have less access to it. Our purpose is to serve the community. When people are out there hurting that purpose, we're never happy to hear that and it's always disappointing."

She says it's important for people to be mindful how they treat items.

"We just encourage people to take good care of what's provided by the city and its infrastructure. If you do see somebody causing damage to city or private property, report it."

A bench was partially destroyed, but the dugout is still safe to use.

Staff won't be able to make repairs until next week because of other projects underway elsewhere in the city.

Stewart says the RCMP is now handling the investigation.

Anyone who has information on the fire or any suspicious activity is asked to contact the police.