RCMP Narrow Timeline Regarding David Kim's Disappearance

Investigators have narrowed down a timeline as they continue to search for 45-year-old Terrace resident David Kim.

The Terrace resident was last seen at Shames Mountain on Saturday, April 7th.

His vehicle, a Blue 2007 Toyota Yaris, was then located later that day at the Khyex River viewpoint along Highway 16.

Prince Rupert RCMP Staff Sergeant Jagdev Uppal says police have narrowed down a timeline they believe is key to the investigation.

"On Saturday (April 7th) we had witnesses see that vehicle leave the viewpoint towards Prince Rupert around 3:50 p.m. Then, we had another witness see the vehicle parked at that same viewpoint around 6:00 p.m. parked with nobody in it."

Staff Sgt. Uppal is hoping potential witnesses can assist with the search and says any tip can be helpful.

"In a case like this, a missing person, every little detail is important and we encourage the public to contact us and let us know what they have. Don't hesitate to contact us. Every piece of information can be helpful."

Staff Sgt. Uppal says the investigation continues to figure out why exactly Kim may have dissapeared.

Like most missing person cases, the investigation is being treated as suspicous until it's determined otherwise.

The RCMP along with members of both the Prince Rupert and Terrace Search and Rescue teams have been looking for Kim and Uppal says investigators will continue to search the area.