Riverboat Days Off To A Hot Start

The sun came out in full force to give a warm welcome to another year of Riverboat Days.

One event included the highly anticipated parade which saw dozens of floats hit the streets of Terrace. Even some four-legged friends that were adored by the kids took part.

Mayor Carol Leclerc says all of the activities wouldn't be possible without the community coming together.

"I just want to say thank you to the RCMP. I don't think people realize that they give up their weekend; they're not allowed to go on holidays during Riverboat Days. They make sure our city stays safe for the whole weekend. So, thank you inspector Lecky and if you can pass that along to your entire team, it's much appreciated.

The activities took place in every corner of the city -- including soccer and volleyball.

There was also the Slingers Race, which has been happening for over 20 years.

Back Eddy Pub's Manager, Paul Walker, says it show cases the skills of some of the waiters around Terrace.

"It's waiters versus waiters, basically they carry glasses around full of water through an obstacle course and at the end, there are judges that measure spillage and if you break a glass seconds are taken off as well."

He says it's quite the course to go through.

"There's a tire they have to step into with both feet, there's a table they have to go around, there's a step up they have to do, and all of that is in a crisscross. So, if you go from one tire they have to pass each other as well. It's not a straight line."

Typical for Riverboat Days, fun was the order for this lively event that offered gift certificates for the winning team. But, most importantly the pride of being the best slingers in town.

"It's been a lot of fun for a lot of people over the years."

While the long weekend may be over for some, Riverboat Days is going strong with numerous Barbeques and events happening until Sunday.