School District 52 Fills Teaching Spots, Still Hunting For On-Call Teachers

School District 52 in Prince Rupert says it's been a fairly smooth process filling numerous teaching vacancies this summer as the first full week of school gets underway.

Superintendent of Schools, Ken Minette, says all of the teaching spots are filled.

He says the district is having some difficulty filling the on-call positions as the province continues the mass hunt for educators.

Minette says staff will continue to search for potential teachers from as far away as Ontario and Quebec.

"We'll continue to recruit. We will probably be going to do some recruitment out east even during the year this year planning forward to next year. Hopefully hiring some people in advance possible retirees and other factors that could come-up next year. There are factors like possible class sizes, composition language, and increased population in Prince Rupert. Just making sure we have people in the wings to take care of teaching in our classrooms."

He says the demand to fill vacancies is larger than the actual number of teachers available.

"I'm not sure how many students the universities are graduating, but it's nothing close to that. As I understand right now, there's a bit of a shortage across Canada right now, with the exception of Ontario. That's our challenge, to find people when there are not really many people available."

Minette says the district will continue to recruit potential educators from as far as Ontario to fill on-call positions and ensure schools are ready for possible retirements or an increase in students.

The hiring spree comes after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favour of the BC Teachers Union after finding the former Liberal government legislation on class size limits and number of support for special needs students unconstitutional.