Seafest Gets Their Water Access

A chain-link fence and signs warning of danger are blocking the usual beach access for Seafest.

Prince Rupert Special Event Society's Bev Killbery says the beach is usually home to a number of the water events.

"We have used in our Seafest Sunday, the water front activities. From the back here, that's where we launch the Quick and Daring and kayak races and stuff like that for the kids."

CN Rail owns the property and says the fence is up ensuring residents stay safe. Mayor Lee Brain says they're are talking with CN to see if any solutions can be found and is meeting with officials in Ottawa this week.

Officials say they will be using this dock right beside me as a way for spectators to access the water for this year's Sea Fest saying they want to ensure as many people who want to get an up look close can do so.

"Through the support of the City of Prince Rupert, Port of Prince Rupert and West Coast Launch, we're going to able to focus everything right the Lightering Dock over there. That's where we have the Swim for Survival and we're going to have a smaller dock brought in that's going to be attached. I'm not sure how, but it's going to be attached to the Lightering Facility dock."

Killbery says they're going to ensure that Seafest will have all of its usual activities running.

"We have everything for Friday, Saturday and like I say, we'll have the waterfront which kind of makes it here, but we'll have music, land events, we have vendors selling hamburgers, hot dogs and popcorn. All of that good stuff you should be eating."

She adds that they're eager to work with CN to come up with any solutions.

"As far as I know, they're still having discussions with CN. A lot can happen within a year."