Strong Summer For Prince Rupert's Cow Bay Marina

The Cow Bay Marina in Prince Rupert says it's been having a better year than expected as it operates into its second year.

The city owned marina that's been operating since last year, has seen a lot of boats head in and out of the city instead of anchoring or docking elsewhere. Manager Robin Beattie believes it's because of the services Prince Rupert is now able to offer.

"We got the comment quite a bit this year their plan for the summer is to stop in Prince Rupert and resupply before they cross the border or if they're doing south they don't have to stop in Still Water, Port Hardy and places like that."  

While the marina has had a good season so far, there have also been some special guests that have stopped by as well. This includes multiple dockings by the Coast Guard and a superyacht that would cost you a pretty penny.

"A lot of the agents have been calling us since Cloudbreak came in. They're asking what kind of arrangements can be made picking up supplies here. Cloudbreak had three different truck loads to resupply. They used a number of local businesses as well as getting a quite bit shipped in for them. I think it's going to be a new thing we'll see a lot of. Just like the cruise ships this year. I mean, we saw a lot of cruise ships."

Beattie says one thing the marina is always trying to do is anticipate the new trends boaters have.

"It becomes a lot more interesting because we're new. We're trying to figure out how fill niches that a lot of established marinas don't have because they were built for boats 30-years-old. Boats 30-years-ago were 40-45 were the bigger boats. Now, 60 to 80 are where a lot of boats are."

He says as the busy season sets the wind down in the next month or so, there's still plenty to do through the winter months.

"Sorting out exactly how to benefit the community, transient boaters, the large boats, small boats, the cruise ship restrictions that comes into play. There are also things like charters. The big factor is always trying to balance tourists and the local community focus."

Beattie says the off months are also when a lot of the maintenance is done in order to get ready for is hoped to be another busy season.