Survey Says : Seniors Want Services

The findings of a survey that targets the aging population in Terrace were presented to the city today. The survey was commissioned by the Healthy Communities Committee, whose purpose is to increase local well-being. The analysis targeted the 50+ age group, and asked questions covering health, housing, transport, and recreation. Suzanne Campbell of Northern Health (pictured) presented the results.

"Some things that really stood out for us in the survey is the idea of aging in place, and how can we help people who are wanting to stay in their own home, do so, healthfully, with independence, longer... there were also some themes around activities, for people in that age group in the community, and accessibility around variation in times of day, and nature of activities. So that's really where some of our response is focused."

Other suggestions to improve seniors well-being included intergenerational recreational activities, and improved accessibility to services. Moving forwards, the committee is looking to get a more in-depth view on the needs of seniors in the area, and will be conducting focus groups within the community.