Terrace Celebrates Founders Day

George Little arrived in what is now known as Terrace on March 10th, 1905.

"He walked in from Kitimat. And he stopped in at Thornhill, on the other side of the Skeena, at Tom and Eliza Thornhill's."

Yvonne Moen first came to Terrace in 1959, and is well versed in local history.

"and as he stood there he looked around……and so he decided he wanted to stay here, and he did. And he took up a little cabin, down by the river over there"

March 10th marks "Founders Day" in Terrace.

Debbie Letawski, contractor of the George Little House, says the day is an opportunity to honor the history of the city.

"Beause this is what it's all about. Is George Little being the founder. He pre-empted the 160 acres here. He named Terrace after the benches, the mountains, he started the first sawmill. You know, he's the one that had the vision.. to get Terrace going."

Moen says it's important to remember;

"So the founder called this my baby… and he did dedicate a lot of his time, and made it so it's beautiful, and we have to remember that. I think we have to remember our Pioneers, and George Little of Terrace. I think it's very important that we do."