Terrace Pool Upgrade Happening Soon

The recently delayed renovations to the Terrace Aquatic Center took a big step forwards today. The city chose a contractor, and opted to move forwards with the project. 

Terrace Council has sanctioned that the city will borrow about 4-million dollars to revamp its aquatic center, contracted to Viking Construction.

The rest of the cost of the project will be covered by government grants that were received last year. Those grants are what turned the project from repair into renewal, according to Leisure Services Director Carmen Didier;

"when we first were looking, we were looking at doing repairs to the pool, and now it's transformed into repairs, but also an enhancement, and an ability to modernize the pool".

Renovations to the 43-year old facility will include a new family change room, a larger fitness room, and 400-square feet added to the leisure pool - as well as a lazy river.

Accessibility ramps will be added to all pools, along with gutter systems and a modernized UV disinfections system.

Upgrades will also be done to the lighting systems as well as the parking lot. 

Mayor Carol Leclerc says that the changes are timely;

"It was a 2-million dollar upgrade that was gonna be needed. And another 1.9-million , over the next 5 years. This just gives us an opportunity to bring everything together much quicker, and have a better product sooner."

The City is hoping to have the pool re-opened by January, 2018.