Terrace RCMP Outlines Priorities

Citizens of Terrace can expect to see more foot patrols, radar, and roadside checks from their police department in the coming year. Inspector Syd Lecky spoke to the City of Terrace today, with an overview of the RCMP's priorities for the year to come. 

 Lecky says that in 2016, officers responded to 8546 calls for service.

Lecky says that roughly 20% of the calls officers respond to in Terrace are linked to liquor, be it public intoxication, disturbances, or related; but that enforcement isn't always the answer:

"Throwing a person with an addiction into jail doesn't always answer the problem. So we need to find more creative solutions, and working in partnership, and maybe a holistic approach at times, with some of our first nations communities, and support agencies. In Terrace, we've had some success working with our northern health partners, in the intensive case management team. And also mental health"

Priorities for the department in the year to come include:

A crackdown on the upsurge in property crimes & theft; an enhanced focus on road safety, especially to distracted driving; more attention to the issues surrounding substance abuse and how to address them, and discouraging violent behavior.   

Lecky was also willing to address the recent violent crimes in Terrace, with a hopeful outlook;

"We have had some very notable situations and calls that have been very troubling for us in policing in Terrace. I'm happy to say that in the cases that we're talking about, sexual assaults that have happened, we have been able to arrest, and hold people accountable for the actions that they have. They're before the courts and actually still in custody awaiting their court appearances. We have had some very remarkable successes in this regard. But I don't want to pretend that...I'd rather it wasn't happening. I don't even know how to prevent these, because they were so random. And no history. There's nothing to really connect us, or lead us to say we can do this differently. So I'm just happy we have them. And caught them. And hold them accountable."