Terrace Recruits New Firefighters

The Terrace Fire Department is recruiting new volunteer firefighters. Last night, the department held its bi-annual fitness test. Nine locals turned out for the test; to see if they have what it takes to join the department. 

The test includes putting on over fifty pounds of equipment and completing the various challenges set out by the fire department. This includes a rope pull, a ladder climb, a hammer swing, a rescue situation, and an obstacle course. 

Fire Cheif John Klie says it was a good showing:

"This is our second big recruit class that we've done in two years now, so we had a pretty good turnout, about 10, 12 people.. 9 working out tonight."

The intense fitness test is required to make sure that recruits will be healthy enough handle the extreme physical requirements of fighting fires in real emergency situations.

Klie says the test is the first key step in becoming a firefighter, as it determines if the recruit is physically healthy enough for the job.

"So we like people to do it in ten minutes and twenty seconds. That seems to be a pretty standard time. Some of our volunteers and full time guys can do it in around seven minutes."

For those who passed, this is just the beginning - any new recruits will undergo another six to eight months of training before they are officially on the team.