Totem Pole Being Carved on Lelu Island

It's been a site steeped in controversy as some First Nations people and environmentalists fought to prevent an LNG project, now cancelled, from locating there.

Now, a totem pole is being carved on Lelu Island near Port Edward.

As details are carved into the pole that will stand 25 feet tall, people of all ages were able to witness the work behind creating this totem pole that will help tell the recent story of Lelu Island.

Phil Gray is one of the cravers and says it's all about telling the story.

"Just to show our ownership of the land and show we're here to protect the Flora Bank and the environment."

Gray says the pole will have some particular cravings on it when it's complete.

"The persons who name is attached to this specific land here is a wolf. It will represent this land. The hand man who is chief of this territory is a killer whale at the top there's going to be an attached killer whale.

Gray says this pole is not just to show the story of protecting their land, but it also shows their culture and how important it is to them.

"What it comes down to, is we're practicing our culture. There's a new story behind this island as opposed to what it was back in the day. What totem poles are really about is they tell stories about certain people and certain places. I'm tell a story of this place and over the last few years of the contention was how we just want to protect our environment and our fishing."

Gray says the totem poles are always there for a purpose and to represent a true meaning.

It's expected the pole will be raised later in the fall.