Finally; Lucky Charms - JUST MARSHMALLOWS

lkuycky chamrs186

It's been a struggle for as long as I can remember; eating all those cereal parts of Lucky Charms just so you can immerce yourself in those spoonfuls of little marshmallows that seems to almost stick to milk on the spoon. Sometimes it was almost as if you were playing catch as those little marshmallows would swimmingly avoid slipping on to the spoon. However it was always the best part of the cereal. 

Well friends, either General Mills has finally listened or the millenial Mills have moved in.

You see, as of September you will be able to purchase.....



Apparently you could win them before but now aaand for the first time ever you can buy them - Problem, only in the USA. so next visit to Vegas, hit up a grocery store.


Chris Foord