Need A Honeymoon Spot To Go With Your Wedding In Chernobyl?

a model getting her picture taken by a toxic lake in Siberia.

Instagrammers are herding too Siberia to take pictures by a beautiful lake, a lake that could easily be assumed to be in the Carribean as its so stunning.

And like all things that seem too good to be true, it is. 

You see this gorgeous lake is a toxic dump site and the stunning bright colours of the lake is from calcium oxides found in quicklime. Now this substance isn't poisonous to humans but it does have high acidity, and the substance comes across as very clay like making it hard for people or wild life to walk in it. Really its just a dumpsite for ash from the local energy plant. 

Now if you're planning your wedding to be in Chernobyl and would like to honeymoon in Novosbirsk, Russia its only a 54 hour drive.

To follow along with these brave (or stupid*) instagrammers, you can here! 


*stupid - sorry!