What does bikini mean to you?


Today is National Bikini Day so I asked some random and very awesome people what their thoughts were when it came to bikini's.....

Men said:

They show off a womans figure, but not pratical…

they explain - not good for every day use, no pockets, string goes up your butt, concerns of getting sand "in there.' 

Seems these men went the direction of them wearing a bikini.

Other dudes said, that they think of Brazil, Baywatch and manscaping...there's the mankini thing coming up again. 

Women said:

that it reminds them of 'summer and freshness and golden skin'

of feeling hot, sunburn ,and diets. 

Oh and as for guys going on about them wearing a bikini, it must be because of Borat and his mankini.

Borat was recently in the news because the Polish are not a fan of this joke, check it out here