MacKids Miracle Club

Every day, children from Hamilton and communities throughout south-central Ontario require the specialized health care services provided at McMaster Children’s Hospital. By joining the MacKids Miracle Club today, you can help patients all year long for as little as $20 a month. It is an easy and convenient way to make a real difference in their lives.


Proceeds raised will support McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation, which helps to ensure that the hospital has the equipment and resources needed to diagnose, treat and care for patients from throughout the region. Read the stories below to learn more about some of the patients who have received outstanding care at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

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Gabriel: A Cancer Superhero

His cough kept getting worse. Then six-year-old Gabriel from Stoney Creek began to experience severe headaches and chest pains. The usually energetic boy was becoming lethargic and an unusual spot began to grow on his lip. His parents, Adriana and Juan, were hoping it was just a bug he caught at camp, but his condition continued to worsen.

Gabriel was taken to McMaster Children’s Hospital, where blood tests led to a shocking diagnosis of leukemia. He immediately began a program of intensive chemotherapy, which resulted in hair loss and extreme nausea.

Within 30 days, the chemotherapy regimen proved successful and Gabriel’s cancer was in remission. His treatment will continue until 2020 to ensure that the cancer does not come back.

Gabriel’s prognosis looks positive and his oncology team keeps a close eye on him to ensure that the leukemia does not become active again.


Caring for Katelyn

Angela was 38 weeks into her pregnancy when an ultrasound showed abnormalities with her daughter Katelyn’s kidneys. Shortly after Katelyn was born, her tiny body wasn’t draining fluids from her kidneys to her bladder properly. Angela and her husband Dan made many trips to the Emergency Department at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

At two months of age, Katelyn’s kidneys became dangerously swollen and her life was on the line. She needed corrective surgery right away.

Katelyn underwent surgery to provide temporary relief and allow her body to drain the fluid. She underwent a second surgery to help correct her bladder function and she continues to be monitored by her urology team at the Hospital.

Her condition continues to improve and she is happy to be back home in Waterdown with her parents and their family dog Bauer.


Riley: Born 17 Weeks Early

Jessica and Tyler of Brantford were devastated when they lost their son Reece in June 2016. Born 24 weeks into Jessica’s pregnancy, Reece passed away from complications due to liver failure. Only three weeks later, Jessica learned she was pregnant again.

When Riley was born at McMaster Children’s Hospital 23 weeks into the pregnancy, he weighed only 1 pound, 3 ounces. Riley underwent surgery to correct a heart condition and he needed a ventilator to breathe. He also required surgery on both eyes when it was discovered that the blood vessels in his retina were growing improperly.

Yet another surgery was required for a hernia. The procedures were successful and he was discharged from the NICU after having spent the first 147 days of life in hospital. Riley is now an active and thriving one-year-old who loves to explore the world.









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