Ben - Morning Show Host - 98.9 The Drive

Ben McLean

Morning Show Host

  • I interned at The Drive in college and they fiiiiiinally let me back in!
  • I was raised in the mean streets of….ehhmm…Kingston Township.
  • Yes, I still call it Kingston Township.
  • I have a daughter and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to prevent a Frozen sequel.
  • I like Big Turk. You heard me.
  • I made a Tragically Hip MS Paint picture that became a Christmas ornament and a commemorative stone in Market Square.
  • Yes, I’m aware that I should probably stop using MS Paint in 2017, thank you very much.
  • I write a column for the ol’ Whig-Standard.
  • Auston Matthews for Prime Minister.
  • How many of these bullet points are there?
  • Hello?!
  • Chugging barbecue sauce was Reid's idea.