Brittany King

Brittany King


I’m born and raised in Victoria and after a few years working in Alberta Country radio, I’m happy to be back! My dog Charlie is my BFF, there’s nothing I love doing more than riding my Harley, (although I do enjoy a good couch/sweatpant/Criminal Minds combo on a Friday night) and my Italian Nonna is one of my favorite people – remember that time she admitted listening to a different radio station in Victoria for two years and thinking it was me on-air?! Sometimes radio dials can be tricky. 

I love music, talking to people, sharing stories and keeping up on current events so working at KOOL is the perfect blend. There are challenges, though. I think the hardest part about this job are the days when you’re just not feeling great but still have to “be on”. Maybe it’s a breakup, stress in your personal life…or a food hangover. Sometimes you just have “one of those days” and being on-air is tough. But the upside of those things: I can share them on KOOL and chances are you’ve been there too and we can talk about it.

So that being said – have you ever eaten a whole tray of Thrifty Foods' brownies? Kidding. But mostly serious.

Let's hangout weekdays from 2pm-6pm. Deal?

And if you ride a motorcycle too - why haven't you gotten in touch with me yet??