Carrie O

Announcer / Bobmobil

Hi I’m CarrieO
Radio is my third and final career.   I began in fashion advertising, which was great fun but once my daughter was born I moved back to the Kawarthas where I grew up and helped run our family farm for almost 20 years.  In 2011 I went back to school and attended Humber College’s prestigious Radio Broadcasting course.  Being a … ahem … mature student I killed the course and showed the kids how it was done.   Within six months of graduating I landed here at BOB FM. And barring a restraining order, I plan on staying.  You can catch me on air if you’re an early riser on the weekends and filling in for my pals here at BOB FM when they have tickets to beauty pageants.  Occasionally I’m also known to wear a production hat (that’s where you sit in a room full of computers and microphones and try to make commercials)…much to the chagrin of our actual producer.
In my non-BOB life I spend a good deal of time on my lint collection as well as grooming by pet weasel Gerard.  
I hope to meet you when I’m out reppin’ BOB FM in the Bobmobile and please don’t be afraid to approach me.  I may be Irish and have red hair but my Mom thinks I’m nice. And if you meet my daughter…don’t believe a word she says.