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Evening and Weekend Host

Sooooo a little bit about me…well, I was born and raised in Regina, Sask. A north-ender through and through (don't hold that against me). I've lived in Regina all my life other than 5 months when I lived in Saskatoon for school. I love watching and playing sports - except Cricket... no idea how that works can someone please explain it to me!? My favorite food is steak with a side of Kraft Diner. YUM!! I don't have any crazy skills like being able to tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. I can't even blow a bubble with bubble gum... I know weird right!? I will learn someday (I hope). If you ever want to buy me a beer, I'll take a Boh. If you have never tried a Boh or don't know what it is I suggest trying it. Soooo gooood!! I spend way too much time watching Netflix. I have too many shows on the go right now! One of my go-to shows is Friends. I've seen every episode at least 20 times!! If you want to know more about me tune in every weekend and call or text in. I'll answer whatever you ask (just keep it clean )!!