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Megan Edwards


Describe yourself in 3 words: Driven, Independent, Loyal.

Favourite vacation spot? England and anywhere HOT!

What is the craziest thing you have ever done? Bought a 1 way ticket to Vancouver from my hometown of Halifax. I had no job, no money and I had to share a bed…not a room, a bed…for a couple of months until I got on my feet!

Something you want to do before you die: Host my own TV show.

Something materialistic that you want right now: A massive house on the water with my own “Girl Land” (think Man Cave – but for women!!)

What can’t you live without? My phone, lip balm and hand cream.

Do you ever screen your phone calls? Literally, all the time! I wait until I get the msg so I can see who it was (if there was no caller ID)!!

What is your biggest pet peeve? Slow walkers/drivers. I like to walk and drive at one pace…FAST!

If you could be any celebrity, who would s/he be? Victoria Beckham or J.Lo.

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Cat all the way!! I have a cat named Ollie.

What can you cook the best? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

What do you worry about? The Future and if I will achieve all the dreams I have for myself.

Favourite saying: Never, never, never give up.