Mike McGuire

Morning Show Host

Well Regina, it’s started.  An Albertan has moved to Saskatchewan!

I only say that as being an Edmontonian for the last 13 years and after my first Sask at Edmonton CFL game, I quickly noticed how many Rider loyalists had invaded my then hometown.

This is starting to feel like an internet dating ad (at least that’s what I hear they look like)... so here’s the short form:

 Name:  Mike McGuire (REAL name, you can see my ID if you don’t believe me)

Originally from: Arnprior, Ontario

Favorite Food:  Pie.  Any kind.

Activities: Running, Video stuff, Playing 8 chords on a guitar and yes, Video Games.  Also LOVE live music, so we’ll probably run into each other at shows!

Favorite Country Artist: Garth Brooks.  Nobody else comes close.  After that, it’s like kids, I love them all equally...

Favorite Movie: Pump Up The Volume (1989, Christian Slater – made me want to be on the radio!)

Guilty Pleasure: I LOVE WWE Wrestling, but can carry a normal conversation – even with a woman!

Favorite Wrestler (Believe it or not, I get asked that a LOT): Current Day – CM Punk  Past – Bret “Hitman” Hart

Favorite Regina Thing To Date:  The comic shop half a block away from the station – also known as the future home of my disposable income.