Pastey Jamie


Jamie Alton was raised in the blue dim of Hockey Night In Canada with Bob Cole as the soundtrack. With that driven into his brain he knew he must be involved with that somehow. During his high school summers, Jamie became well versed in the practice of installing and pumping septic tanks. Although he respected the craft, he knew his destiny called for more. He took up radio at Seneca College and from there earned an internship at the Evanov Radio Group, pressing buttons for the then Foxy 88.5 morning show and many different programs for the multicultural AM 530. After learning to pray in 3 different languages for 3 different religions, Jamie moved upstairs to Z103.5 where he honed his skills as a producer over the next 5 years both behind the scenes and live in studio. That's where he met Chris Biggs. Chris eventually moved on but the two kept in touch so when both Chris and Jason Barr had been relieved of their duties at other stations, it was a no brainer to join them in their podcast adventure to look for work.  From that, the now world famous and award winning Biggs & Barr show on 97.7 HTZ FM was formed. Jamie presses buttons, produces, says hilarious things, and sacrifices his dignity most mornings. Coupled with fill in on air shifts and his highly rated Saturday night show, Jamie is a good cog in the HTZ FM wheel. He recently obtained the role of colour analyst for the OHL's Niagara IceDogs, coming full circle-ish to that blue dim of Hockey Night In Canada. He lives at home with his common-law girlfriend. They had a dog but had to give it back because Jamie is allergic.