Tona host


Show Host

I was born and raised Lagos, Nigeria in Africa. A victim of excellent immigration laws, my family moved to Regina, Saskatchewan in December 2010. Forget about the culture shock, let’s talk about how FREEZING…! it was. No one told me folks running around in the snow and building snowmen portrayed in movies were all false, because I tried it and let’s just say it took 2 hours before the numbness in my hands and toes disappeared. Ever since, I’ve let my inner spirit fly, moving around Canada, leaving my mark. I lived in Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria and most recently Chetwynd. I’ve also visited Ottawa, Edmonton, Saskatoon and cities too numerous to name.

I also love working with kids and teenagers. I’ve volunteered with Big Brothers and Big Sisters and numerous Youth Centers. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English Arts from a Nigerian University, apparently that’s useless here; well that was a good four years of my life. I think chicken, bacon, and gravy are the best things in the world. I work with the amazing team at Bell Media.