Dahlia Kurtz

Dahlia Kurtz

Weekend Host

Dahlia has had conversations with everyone from Nobel Peace Prize winners to political leaders to Oscar winners to POWs to famous comedians to your neighbour who you didn't even know was making such a difference.

A social good advocate, talk show host, writer, righter, polyglot (A poly-what?), professional Ping-Pong player (yes, seriously), Dahlia graduated high school early, travelled, got a university degree, swore she'd never go back to school, worked around the world, then went back to school again. 

Her first time on radio, Dahlia broadcasted while submerged in a tank of 38,000 litres of water to raise money for sick kids - for 48 hours. She went on to become a news reporter and producer, then Canada's first nationally syndicated social media columnist. Dahlia has also received awards for her community contributions and mental health advocacy as a talk show host.

And since kindness is scientifically contagious, she has always used her media platforms for Keeping It Kind, because everyone needs a KIK of kindness. Her ongoing efforts to connect people through acts of kindness have spread throughout communities and the country.

Ultimately, Dahlia aspires to be the person her mini-Goldendoodle Fozzie Bear thinks she is.