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I was raised on a Christmas Tree farm in Kentucky where at the tender age of 1 I heard my first Rock n Roll song on the radio. I remember Ryan Seacrest announcing Elvis’ Heartbreak Hotel and I thought “I wanna be a radio DJ!!” Several years later, as a roadie with the Fab Four, I made the decision to claim refugee status in Canada right after the show at Empire Stadium in Vancouver. I wandered aimlessly around the big city until I was taken in by one Robert Weston Smith. You know him better as Wolfman Jack. He took me to the studio which strangely was at the transmitter site out on Broadcast Boulevard. We laughed, told a few jokes and he taught me everything I know about talking over the beginning of songs and “Hitting the Post” as we say in the biz.

By and by I made way from station to station playing all the hits for you where-ever you may be. Finally got a job as an FM jock but before I knew it I was into AM rock as the bright good morning voice who’s heard but never seen feelin all of 60 now but going on fifteen. More and more though, I found myself drawn to this New Sound, this Middle of The Road music and ultimately to the AC Radio format. That’s AC for Adult Contemporary not Air Conditioned ( boy was I surprised that first really hot summer!). After my failed attempt at being a late night talk show host (got fired ‘cuz I fell asleep before the first commercial break, I wound up in Kelowna broke and homeless. Took refuge in a parked car at a downtown lot which turned out to be, you guessed it, the EZ Rock Fun Finder car! One thing lead to another and I wound up here full-time in the Summer of ’88 and here  still am, makin’ stuff up about my career and still playing all the hits for you.