Answers To Questions About Those Super Bowl Performances

Justin Timberlake and Pink brought star power to Sunday's Super Bowl game – he performed a high-energy halftime show and she belted out the U.S. national anthem.

But their appearances left some people with questions. We've done our best to tackle them:

Was Pink chewing gum before singing "The Star Spangled Banner"?

The camera caught Pink taking something out of her mouth and tossing it to the ground before she sang the U.S. national anthem. Many on social media assumed it was gum and called her out for it. "It was a throat lozenge," Pink snapped back on Twitter. The singer had earlier announced that she was hit by the flu so who can blame her for trying to keep her voice in shape right up to the last second.

Did Justin Timberlake sing live?

It's hard to dance, move around a stadium and sing – and sound good doing it. Timberlake did lip-sync and sing to track for parts of his set but he was really singing for most of it.

Was there something wrong with the audio?

Many viewers took to social media to complain about bad sound during the halftime show. There's been no official comment from the broadcasting network but no, it wasn't just you.

Who is the kid in the stands who got a selfie with JT?

"Selfie kid" became an instant meme. He's 13-year-old Ryan McKenna of Massachusetts (he was born the same year Timberlake last played the Super Bowl) and, coincidentally, bears a resemblance to an early N'SYNC-era JT.

Did Justin Timberlake address the 2004 Janet Jackson controversy?

Yes. JT came into the stadium singing "Rock Your Body," the song he and Jackson were doing when the now-infamous "wardrobe malfunction" occured. On Sunday, he cheekily stopped the song just before the lyric that sparked "nipplegate" in 2004.

Did he make any political statement during his performance?

Yes, but it was subtle. JT and his dancers got down on one knee atop the NFL logo on the field – a tribute, no doubt, to the players who took a knee during the anthem in the regular season. The blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment is around the 6:25 mark.

What was JT wearing?

Timberlake wore a Stella McCartney camo suit over a Martin Ridley-designed shirt emblazoned with elk  – keeping with the "Man of the Woods" theme – and a red bandana. Later he slipped into a black leather jacket. Of course, he was wearing Nike Air Jordan III JTH sneakers, which he helped design.