• Dream Analysis with Sunni and Hayes!

    Hayes recounts his bizarre dreams, but what do they mean?
  • Loud Talkers - Cell Phone Addition!

    We've all heard one, some of us are that person!
  • Interview with Marvin Ryder

    We talk to Marvin Ryder of the DeGroote School of Business about why smartphones are so addictive, and what we can do about it.
  • Sibling Day Part 3!

    Matt's sister Maria recalls what it was like being his baby sister...
  • Sibling Day Part 2!

    We get the dirt on traffic man Mike Nabuurs from his brother Paul!
  • Sibling Day Part 1

    We chat with Sunni's brother David all about growing up with Sunni!
  • The Great Lettuce Caper of 2017!

    Detectives Sunni and Hayes discuss the stealing of 45K worth of Lettuce!
  • It's National Tell A Lie Day!

    Big or small, we've all told a lie at some point...
  • Interview with local fashion Guru Natalie Sexton!

    We talk fashion trends for Spring!
  • How many Radio Announcers does it take to fix a bench?

    Trick question, the answer is the Mailman!