Ian’s Story


Ian from Acton began to suffer from a variety of health challenges before even reaching his first birthday, and he was only five years old in 2010 when he underwent his first surgery at McMaster Children’s Hospital. His parents took him to the Gastroenterology Clinic because he was frequently choking and finding it difficult to swallow.

“A CT scan revealed a cyst in his throat that was related to a branchial sinus defect,” explains Ian’s mother, Marcia. “He was referred to the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Clinic where he underwent surgery to remove the cyst and his tonsils.”

A follow-up appointment with ENT revealed that Ian was also suffering from conductive hearing loss, which required surgery in 2011 for the insertion of ear tubes.

Ian’s medical journey was compounded by a further diagnosis of a developmental disorder (Developmental Coordination Disorder) that results in poor muscle tone and delays in motor development. In 2013, Ian became a patient at the urology clinic and has benefited from the services of the biofeedback lab.

In 2015, he began to experience respiratory and gastrointestinal pain. Tests conducted while Ian was an inpatient led to the diagnosis of a rare condition that can cause anaphylaxis that is induced by physical activity. Once again, Ian and his family relied on the team of specialists at McMaster Children’s Hospital to uncover the triggers so that this scary phenomenon can be abated.  Ian now takes medications to control the conditions that contribute to this reaction.

“Ian continues to receive care from many different clinics at the Hospital,” says Marcia. “He regularly undergoes testing to help find the root cause of his ongoing medical challenges and we are thankful for the wonderful care he is receiving.”





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