Karter's Story

Karter from Welland describes himself as a “brain cancer warrior.”

His patient journey started when his eyesight became blurry in December 2015. When an examination revealed his eyes to be healthy, he underwent an MRI at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

Karter and his family were shocked to learn that he had a brain tumour. During surgery to remove the growth, it was found to be malignant and extremely dangerous. Determined to beat the cancer with courage and good humour, he endured multiple rounds of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and several surgeries to successfully stem the cancer.

In December 2016, after recovering from the brain tumour, Karter learned that he had a large tumour growing on a bone in his leg. Surgery was required to remove the tumour and a graft was performed to repair the bone damage. The surgery proved successful and Karter’s cancer is now in remission.

His journey at McMaster Children’s Hospital inspired him to establish “Karter’s Smile Crusade.” Karter raises funds to create humourous cancer-related t-shirts, which are gifted to fellow cancer patients.

“Through my fight with cancer, I realized how important it is to remain positive and hopeful,” says Karter. “I know how hard this fight is for other kids, so I gift them with these shirts in the hopes of making them smile.”



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