Everlee’s Story

“Something was definitely wrong with Everlee’s health and I was worried,” recalls Amy of Hamilton, whose 4-year-old daughter was showing signs of potential illness. “Everlee started acting very clingy, which was unlike her usual outgoing self. Her skin turned an odd yellow-grey colour and her fingernail beds turned blue.”

Very concerned for her daughter, Amy took Everlee to McMaster Children’s Hospital, where blood work led to a shocking diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

“I was terrified and I felt a pain in my heart unlike anything I’d ever experienced,” says Amy. “It was truly the worst day of my life.”

Almost immediately Everlee began treatment with chemotherapy and oral medication, part of a plan scheduled to last two and a half years. Despite the challenges of the road ahead, including Everlee losing her hair and being very tired, both Amy and Everlee realized the importance of sticking to the treatment plan.

“Everlee has now started feeling better and has returned to her normal sassy self,” according to Amy. “Her hair has grown back and we’re doing most of her medications at home now.”

Everlee’s treatment will be completed in May 2018 and her prognosis is “excellent” according to Amy.

“The care she receives is amazing and I am forever grateful that McMaster Children’s Hospital saved her life.”



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