25 Days of Sunni & Hayes: Mountsberg Raptor Centre

Sunni and Hayes had their first stop at the Mountsberg Conservation Area Raptor Centre on Monday, and it was a great way to kick off their 25th Anniversary!

They had many birds both big and small, and plenty to see. Matt made friends with Shadow who is a barn owl. Shadow loved the microphone and made his debut on air. For a mild tempered little guy, barn owls have a reputation to be quite scary. A long time ago people believed that barns were haunted because of the owls living inside of them and the noises they make. But Shadow quickly won Matt’s heart over and the two became friends.

Sunni got to try different kinds of maple syrup that they made right on the Conservation, including a Birch syrup that was the richest out of all of them. It’s great as a glaze for a barbeque and costs $80! They don’t just have birds and syrups. They also have reptiles including Socks the Garter Snake. Many people think it’s pronounced “gardener” but it’s actually named after the male garter.

Mountsberg has presentations with their animals and many family events throughout the year. So it’s a great place to bring the little ones and learn something new!  The only day that they’re closed is on Christmas!


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