25 Days of Sunni & Hayes: RBG Frogs! Exhibit

As part of our Sunni & Hayes 25th Anniversary Tour with theheartofontario.com, we made our third stop at the Royal Botanical Gardens to explore the frog exhibit - showcasing the wonderful world of frogs and their wetland homes!
When we first walked in, we immediately noticed these little ‘greeters’ – who were ultimately getting really excited for breakfast and not so much our arrival.

A little later on in the morning, we got to witness feeding time and took a closer look at them without the glass! The frog on the left is a female – I love her beautiful big eyes. And the smaller frog to the right  is a male – he was very curious during our visit.

Velcro or what!? This guy was just hanging off the window! The Zookeeper told us that every morning she spends a lot of time cleaning little frog prints off of the glass tank walls.

These frogs are called Poison Dart Frogs, who come from the rainforests of the Americas. These hopping pharmacies have already provided a possible substitute for morphine which is non-addictive and 100 times more potent!

This is the African Bullfrog, Jabba! He came and visited Sunni & Hayes at their broadcast – we learned he only gets fed twice a week! Sure doesn’t look that way though..

We had a lot of fun learning about the frogs they had on display, and we hope you get a chance to check it out before it closes, too!
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