An Empowering Experience

I am always up for a challenge but when Klite traffic guru Mike Nabuurs and Cheryl our promotions director asked me to come and try biking at the Mattamy National Centre in Milton , I thought can I really do this?    This isn't normal biking. You are riding in a velodrome with lanes that are not flat and seem like they are tall mountainous lanes to ride on. Our instructor Kelyn was a superb teacher because you are sized with a very light weight bike with no brakes.  Yes you heard right no brakes.  Mike was amazing as he went from a beginner to speed racer in a very short time.  I was so anxious that at one point, sheer nervousness made me take a fall on my right knee.  I thought I'm done I wanna go home! Then my hero Kelyn made me feel I could dust myself off and go for it so I did just that .  I didn't hit Mike's level but as Kelyn put it was empowering to reach the level I got too.  I wanted more!!!!!   Please if there's one thing you do this summer check out the Mattamy National Cycling Centre because there are classes offered to learn how to bike the track and a number of other great activities. It's yours definitely to explore!   Special thanks to Kelyn and Dana from Heart of Ontario.  #TrytheTrack