MacKids Walk & Wheel: Superhero Ambassador Olive

Walk & Wheel is now seven years old! The event is growing up and needs a bigger space to fit all of our friends, which is why they are moving to Bayfront Park.

Join the MacKids Superhero Ambassadors at Bayfront Park (200 Harbour Front Drive in Hamilton) on June 2 as they walk, wheel and play in support of patient programs at McMaster Children’s Hospital, including Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre.

Everyone can be a superhero! Become a participant, donor or sponsor.

Olive's Superhero Ambassador Story

Olive was vomiting with alarming regularity. The five-year-old from St. David’s began complaining about pain in her eyes and she was uncharacteristically lethargic.

At McMaster Children’s Hospital, scans revealed that a cancerous tumour the size of a baseball was growing in Olive’s brain.

“We were in complete shock,” says Olive’s mother, Amanda. “The situation was extremely dangerous and Olive needed brain surgery. Luckily they managed to remove most of the tumour.”

Olive underwent chemotherapy during the summer, followed by a second brain surgery, when surgeons were able to remove the rest of the tumour during the three-hour operation. This was followed by six weeks of radiation therapy.

“Olive is cancer-free but we still visit the Hospital for regular follow-up appointments,” says Amanda. “She is healthy today because of the amazing care she received.”