Harry Styles Teases 'Kiwi' Music Video

It's been over five months since Harry Styles released his self-titled debut solo album, and the only visual he's shared is for his debut single "Sign of the Times." But over the last few days, the former One Direction star has taken to Instagram to tease that a new music video will be here soon, and it's for his newest single "Kiwi."

While it looks like Styles may not be floating in mid-air for this like in "Sign of the Times," he's shared a few shots from the visual featuring some of the most well-dressed kids you've ever seen at a school in what appears to be a class photo.

So, is Styles a teacher in this "Kiwi" video?

Aside from the class photo, Styles shared two additional shots of two kids, the long-haired brunette "Beau" who is wearing the same suit as the pop singer is wearing, and a boy named "Darmani" in a fantastic yellow floral print suit.

Styles hasn't said much about what these pictures mean, except for the consistent caption of "KIWI KIWI KIWI KIWI KIWI KIWI KIWI KIWI KIWI KIWI KIWI KIWI."

The music video is set to be released on Nov. 8.

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