Lady Gaga Makes Epic Return To Montreal

Lady Gaga returned to Montreal last week to make up for cancelling her Sept. 4 concert due to health issues.

Before taking the stage at the Bell Centre on Friday night for an epic 22-song performance, Gaga celebrated with fans on Halloween. The pop star dressed up as Edward Scissorhands and made her way to the District Video Lounge to party with her entourage and fans in Montreal’s Gay Village.

“I’m so sorry I cancelled – I couldn’t sing, but I’m here now” Gaga said to the crowd two songs into her show on Friday. 

Before singing “Come To Mama,” a fan in the audience waved a large Canadian flag in front of the pop star with a love and unity message written over it. Gaga took it and displayed it for all to see. 

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

“How many people here are members of the LGBTQ community? How many are not? That’s okay because we love everybody here. If there’s a couple of people here who don’t believe in full equality for all people, come to mama – I’ll tell you all about it,” Gaga proclaimed before continuing with the song.

With multiple stages setup throughout the packed arena, Gaga and her dancers continuously moved to different locations allowing them to get even closer with fans. 

With the Halloween outing and concert, Montreal fans certainly got an amazing apology and a show of a lifetime. 

Jason Merritt / Getty Images