Lorde Says Next Album Won't Be Out For A Very, Very Long Time

It took several years for Lorde to create Melodrama and it sounds like the pop star might even take longer to create the follow-up project, as per a new tweet on the matter.

On Friday the 20-year-old star made the bold remarks when talking about her creative process. "Just realising that if i truly want to have the artistic journey i'm capable of in this lifetime i will have to work very fast," she tweeted to her 6.32 million followers. "Years of that work will probably just look like walking around the house having thoughts and writing them down."

When one follower hit back and urged that she not take four years to complete the project, which happened to be the time frame between her debut album, Pure Heroine, and the sophomore effort, Lorde dropped the bombshell "no that's the thing it might be 4 years it might be 10 not gonna make albums that only exist on one plane they have to be supercellular," she explained. 

Note to self: Better enjoy Melodrama for all it is because it sounds like we'll be waiting quite some time for the next.

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