Two Hamilton teens arrested after fight in Grimsby which involved a pick axe and bear spray

A fight involving a pick axe, and bear spray in Grimsby has ended with two Hamilton teens facing charges.

Police were called to a parking lot near Boulton Ave. and Livingston Ave. on Saturday night at 8:30 to a fight between two groups of people.

The fight turned physical and one group armed themselves with bear repellant and a pick axe, and then robbed the other group of money and personal items. 

No one was injured in the robbery.

One of the victims was able to call 9-1-1 and uniform police arrived quickly to assist.

The suspects were quickly found and arrested.

19 year old Nethaniel McKenzie and 18 year old Tarick Burton both of Hamilton are facing charges of armed robbery.

A third male who can not be identified as a young offender was also arrested.

Anyone with information are asked to contact Detective Jason Vormittag or Detective Greg Keldson of Grimsby detachment of the Niagara Regional Police Service.