• MTWI - July 22

    There is still lots of money up for grabs in our Minute to Win It jackpot!! How did our contestant today do? Listen to find out and see how many you would have gotten right.

  • Morning Show Highlight - July 17

    Today is National Hot Dog Day and I revealed on the show this morning one thing I have so far NEVER had on a hot dog!! I might never have it on a hot dog but, it's a completely different story when it comes to a burger. 

  • Morning Show Highlight - July 16

    Today on the show I was talking about things I remember how to do from my first job as a grocery store cashier. Although I still remember how to do quite a bit from that first job, nothing compares to what one listener called in and shared with me about what he still remembers how to do from his first job. Listen to find out what skill he acquired at 17.

  • MTWI - July 15

    Roger played Minute to Win It for the first time this morning. How did he do? Listen and see how many you would have gotten right.

  • Community Spotlight - Miss Grand Falls 2019

    On Friday, June 28, Miss Grand Falls 2019 Britney Page joined me on Community Spotlight to talk about her win and her experience participating in the pageant. 

  • Community Spotlight - Grand Falls Fire Dept. Lotto

    Every week, the Grand Falls Fire Department have a draw in their fundraising lottery. Cory Bernier joined me on Community Spotlight to talk about how this lottery helps our fire department. 

  • Community Spotlight - Linda Methot Hartley

    On Friday, July 5th, local author Linda Methot Hartley joined me for Community Spotlight to talk about her memoir Miroir Casse. The English version, Broken Mirror, will be released soon and Linda also shares her plans for the English release. You can find out more on her facebook page.

  • Community Spotlight - Walk for Alzheimers

    Valerie Legace of the Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick joined me in studio this week for Community Spotlight to talk about the upcoming Walk for Alzheimers in Grand Falls and also where your donations will go. 

  • Morning Show Highlight - July 10

    Susan called in to share what she is and isn't afraid of. It's amazing what we have as fears and what is simply no big deal. 

  • What is your earliest musical memory?

    I was asking the question "What is your earliest musical memory?" this morning. Listen for what Carroll shared on facebook and find out how I got into music when I was a toddler.

  • MTWI - July 9th

    Shelby played for $640 on Minute to Win It this morning. How did she do? Listen and let's see how many you get right.

  • NorbLaforge

    Winner of Hockey New Brunswick's Vance Toner Award, Norb LaForge, recently joined me in studio for Community Spotlight to talk about his reasons for volunteering in our local sports community.