WATCH: Charlie Puth Nearly Pukes On 'Late Late Show'

Charlie Puth came close to nibbling on turkey testicles on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Late Show.

The singer took paired with actors Josh Gad and Rachel Bloom to represent America in a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts — wherein celebrity players have to choose between answering personal questions or eat disgusting foods.

Puth was visibly on the verge of vomiting even before the game began. “I have a very very sensitive stomach and I can’t even be around Brussel sprouts let alone this stuff,” he explained.

Host James Corden and teammate Michelle Dockery said Puth, Gad and Bloom had to eat turkey testicles unless Gad answered: “Have you ever used the Olaf voice in bed?”

Luckily for Puth, the Frozen star answered that he had not.

Later, Puth started gagging – and placed a bucket on his lap – when Corden and Gad both took bites off a cow tongue.

Things got bad for the singer when Bloom couldn’t answer a question and his team had to drink bird saliva.

Puth was then challenged to eat a grasshopper unless he picked the better singer between Meghan Trainor and Selena Gomez. 

“I just don’t want to get the fandoms mad at me,” he said. Did he answer, or eat the insect? Watch it all go down (or come back up) below: