City of Edmundston announces new Arts and Culture Department

The City of Edmundston has announced a new Arts and Culture Department aiming to highlight the municipality's involvement in the development and outreach of this sector.  

The City Council has agreed to split the Leisure and Culture Service, which will be replaced by the Recreation and Sports Department and the new Arts and Culture Department. 

Edmundston Mayor Cyrille Simard says it was time to dedicate a specific service to this sector of activity as the city has long been recognized for its support of arts and culture. 

The City says the new department's mandate will be to further develop the cultural pride of the population, to encourage community participation, to provide technical support to cultural organizations, and to play a role in the presentation of shows at the Arts Centre, Léo-Poulin Hall, and the outdoors. 

The new department will also continue to organize seasonal programs, artistic and cultural workshops, and provide support to artists and non-profit organizations.