Drummond students take part in World Day of Free Play in Schools

Students of Mgr-Lang School in Drummond joined half a million students worldwide in the 3rd edition of the World Day of Free Play in Schools.

According to a press release, all students had a 15-minute recess and a physical education class and students from kindergarten to Grade 2 had a one hour free play period, while students in Grades 3 to 6 had a free play period of 90 minutes.

Josée Morin, a resource teacher responsible for bringing the initiative to the school, says the practice of free play improves emotional and social skills, develops resilience, autonomy and good interpersonal relationships, as well as increasing creativity, self-confidence and empathy and decreases depression and anxiety.

Teachers say the first experience was positive, and would like to see it initiated again, possibly more than once a year.