Local municipalities highlight plans for 2017

The mayor of Grand Falls says the town is working on several projects for 2017.

Marcel Deschênes highlighted some of the projects during the annual Valley Chamber of Commerce Mayor's Supper this week.

"Grand Falls is just waiting for the final funds to be awarded for the downtown project, which is $7.3 million to revitalize our downtown," said Deschênes. "The underground structure will be replaced, sewer systems, water lines, and the telecommunication equipment."

Deschênes said there are also many small projects for the younger residents, such as a sliding tube park behind the E.& P. Sénéchal Center.

The old area downtown has been taken down, and the town is working with John Caldwell School to put a playground, water park and skateboard park that will be constructed by this summer.

Deschênes said the town is also in the processing of buying the sports complex, but they're still discussing what will become of it if the purchase goes through.


The mayor of Drummond, France Roussel, also spoke about festivals planned for the village.

The gravity festival (soap box derby) will be held from June 2 to 4, and there will be a bike rodeo organized by the school in Drummond the following weekend.

Drummond will celebrate its 50th anniversary of incorporation as a municipality from July 21 to 23.

A book launch will also accompany the celebrations showcasing the history of the community.

Roussel hopes the entire community and surrounding area will come and celebrate the festivities.

Route 108 will be paved throughout the village by the province.

The first phase was completed last year, which was the paving of 1.1 kilometres of the road.

This year, they're hoping the funds will be available to complete phase two – another 1.1 to 1.4 kilometres – and the third phase the following year.


In Saint-André, Mayor Alain Desjardins mentioned that 2017 will be they that they they focus on finishing their water reservoit.

A plan is underway to determine how to construction a service centre for the municipal garage, including the fire department and some municipal offices.

They are planning a budget to see what it would cost.

Desjardins said the current buildings are outdated.

The municipality is also working on a community park at the school, which has been discussed for three years.

The mayor said he's excited to work with the Valley Chamber of Commerce to continue economic development in the entire region.

Desjardins said economic development is essential in keeping youth in the region, creationg jobs, and raising families in the area.


In Saint-Léonard, Mayor Carmel St-Amand said there's a $2-million project in the industrial park and work planned on the sewer system.

St-Amand said there's also work underway to prevent erosion of the land from the surface water, which has been an ongoing problem for the village.

The arena will be getting some upgrades with wheelchair access being added to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the facilities.